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Martinsville, VA

Big Body Movers, LLC.

We take pride in servicing our wonderful clients in Martinsville, VA with our junk removal, light demolition, and moving services.

Big Body Movers LLC

Martinsville, VA

Martinsville, VA is a picturesque small-town charm nestled in Henry County. This tight-knit community offers stunning natural beauty and a rich history to explore. While it was once a hub for furniture and textile production, Martinsville has diversified its economy to encompass healthcare, education, retail, and advanced manufacturing.

One of the city’s main attractions is the famous Martinsville, VA Speedway, which plays host to a variety of NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series events, drawing motorsports enthusiasts from across the nation. Enjoy its range of recreational opportunities with parks, golf courses, and trails promising a wealth of outdoor activities. You can also visit Philpott Lake, a nearby hotspot for fishing, boating, and camping.

Moving Services and Junk Removal in Martinsville, Virginia

We Offer

Hauling & Relocation Services in Martinsville, VA

Transforming your home for the new season can be overwhelming. But fret not! Big Body Movers is at your service, providing exceptional hauling and relocation services throughout Martinsville, VA. We specialize in removing old items from your living space, including outdated furniture, unused appliances, and household clutter. Our highly skilled staff is efficient, eco-friendly, and dedicated to minimizing stress. Rest assured, we promise your complete satisfaction as we revamp your home into a comfortable haven. Relax as we get the job done!

Construction Debris Removal

Ensure your workplace safety with Big Body Movers. Our skilled professionals remove construction debris efficiently, making your workspace free from waste and hazards. Securely work without any safety worries, as we eliminate concerns regarding wood splinters, electrical wires, or nails. Our team is well-equipped to handle heavy materials. Trust us to make a remarkable difference in your project. Get in touch with us today for a tidy, injury-free workspace.

Debris Removal

Don't risk your safety or damage to your property trying to move bulky and heavy furniture alone. Big Body Movers is here to help! Our skilled team can safely and seamlessly relocate or dispose of your furniture. From navigating tight spaces to complying with legal and environmental standards, you can trust us to handle any challenge. Say goodbye to furniture-moving anxiety and hello to peace of mind with Big Body Movers.

Furniture Removal

Is your space being overwhelmed by debris? Worried about the safety of your home or business? Let Big Body Movers come to the rescue! Our professional service goes beyond simple sweeping and trash disposal. We handle buildup, from construction waste to tree branches and other unwanted items. Our crew will do all the heavy lifting, giving you the peace of mind to relax. Our eco-friendly practices ensure that trash is repurposed instead of dumped in landfill.

Appliance Removal

Say goodbye to the frustration of removing heavy appliances from your home! Let Big Body Movers take the load off with our insured and experienced crew. We'll safely remove any device, including hard-to-reach locations and those pesky, bulky appliances. Trust us as your go-to hauling company for residential and commercial properties, and eliminate old devices without the hassle. Enjoy peace of mind with a seamless removal thanks to Big Body Movers.

Carpet Removal

Are you tired of looking at your old, stained carpets? Keeping them clean can be difficult, especially with constant foot traffic. But don't worry, replacing them doesn't have to be a hassle. Let the experts at Big Body Movers take care of everything for you! We offer comprehensive services, including disposal and cleaning. Contact us today for a free consultation and give your home or business a fresh start.

Bulky Item Pickup

Tired of unsightly streets cluttered with bulky items? Big Body Movers has the solution! Our Bulky Item Pickup service makes keeping your community clean and safe easy. We can handle everything from furniture and appliances to mattresses. With the demand for essential services on the rise, we've got you covered in Martinsville, Virginia. Say goodbye to the hassle and eyesores on the curb - call Big Body Movers today to keep your community beautiful with our Bulky Item Pickup service!

Yard Waste Removal

Elevate your lawn's beauty with Big Body Movers' impeccable yard waste removal services. We understand that piling up yard waste can be inevitable, but don't let it ruin your lawn's appearance and health. Don't let uncollected yard waste impact your property's value and curb appeal. Give your backyard a stunning transformation and impress anyone who visits your property with our exceptional services. Contact us today to make a remarkable first impression with your breathtakingly beautiful lawn.

Hot Tub Removal

Need help moving or removing your hot tub in Martinsville, Virginia? Look no further than Big Body Movers – your trusted hot tub removal partners! We've got the experience and stress-free approach to ensure your hot tub is transported and recycled with the utmost care. Don't let the hassle of hot tub removal hold you back – choose Big Body Movers and enjoy a hassle-free experience!

Make Your Move Hassle-Free With Our Perks

  • Get a free estimate right away.
  • Enjoy transparent pricing without worrying about hidden fees.
  • We take care of everything from collection to transportation, processing, and disposal, including donations and recycling.
  • Count on our friendly and efficient movers to provide the same high-quality service that distinguishes our company.
  • Your prized possessions will be handled with the utmost care by our trained staff.

We Offer

Moving Services in Martinsville, VA

Are you feeling anxious about moving? You’re not alone. But don’t let fear stop you from the excitement of starting fresh in a new place. With the help of Big Body Movers in Martinsville, VA, you can leave the stress behind. Our moving services professionals will make your move breezy, so you can focus on your new beginning. We’ll handle the heavy lifting and guide you through the process step-by-step. Ready to leap? Contact us now.

Residential Moving

Moving can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're relocating for a job, retirement, or a fresh start, Big Body Movers is here to make the entire process stress-free. Our team of reliable and experienced movers simplifies the task, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Say goodbye to searching for "residential movers near me," and hello to a hassle-free, seamless move with Big Body Movers.

Apartment Moving

Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of moving in or out of a rental unit with Big Body Movers. Our team knows exactly how to navigate tricky situations like narrow hallways and strict noise regulations, so you can relax while we take care of everything from heavy lifting to planning. Trust our expertise to ensure a smooth and stress-free move that's done right the first time. Choose Big Body Movers for a hassle-free local move experience and breathe easy knowing your move is in good hands.

Commercial Moving

Your business requires a bespoke approach to relocation. No longer is it just about moving your furniture. It involves handling specialized equipment, technology, and servers to get your operations up and running quickly. That's where Big Body Movers comes in. We understand how significant it is for your business to have a smooth move. As experts in full-service moving, we have the tools to customize our solutions to align with your requirements. Our staff is ready to take on the challenge, guaranteeing you the smoothest possible move.

We are a company in Martinsville, VA that gives back to the community, all salvageable items are donated to family’s in need through community support groups, or a local goodwill or donation center.

We Offer

Light Demolition Services in Martinsville, VA

Are you looking for reliable demolition services in Martinsville? Big Body Movers is here to help. Our experienced team has the tools and expertise to handle any project, from small renovations to roadway demolitions. We understand that communities demand the highest level of service from responsible companies that uphold industry standards. That’s why we prioritize safety, efficiency, and compliance with local regulations. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Big Body Movers for top-notch light demolition services.

Swing Set Removal

Is your old swing set bringing down the look of your yard? Don't waste time disassembling it and attempting to dispose of it yourself. Big Body Movers specializes in swing-set removal services and will safely haul it away for you. Our professional team understands the importance of environmentally-friendly disposal and will ensure your swing set is disposed of properly.

Bathroom Removal

Whether you're remodeling your bathroom and need to get rid of old fixtures, or simply moving and looking to declutter, we're here to help. Don't struggle with complex plumbing and risk damaging your bathroom - call Big Body Movers for fast and efficient service in Martinsville. Say goodbye to bathroom stress and hello to a clean and clutter-free space. Contact us today for all your bathroom removal needs!

Kitchen Removal

Whether it's an old fridge that's finally given up the ghost or a complete remodel that requires all new appliances, kitchen removal is a challenging task, especially if you have a lot of devices and fixtures to remove. At some point, every home or business owner will need to deal with the removal of unwanted kitchen items. Worry no more because Big Body Movers is here to help you! Big Body Movers is a full-service junk removal company offering Kitchen Removal in homes and businesses.

Fence Removal

For many people, their fence is an essential part of their property. Not only does it provide privacy and security, but it can also be a stylish and attractive addition to your landscaping. However, there are times when you may need to remove your fence, such as when you're selling your home or business or when you're making changes to your property. Whether it's due to damage, rot, or simply because you're ready for a change, fencing removal is daunting. But, worry no more because Big Body Movers is here to help!

Shed Removal

Big Body Movers is a professional junk removal company that offers Shed Removal in homes and businesses in Martinsville. We are licensed and insured and have a team of professionals that can safely and quickly remove your shed. We will also clean up any mess that is left behind. Our expert junk collectors will come to your home or business and take care of everything for you. Then, we'll sweep up afterward, so you don't have to lift a finger. Whether you need one-time shed removal or ongoing junk management, we're here to help. Don't hesitate to call us.

Deck Removal

Big Body Movers offers Deck Removal services in Martinsville to help you get rid of an old deck quickly and safely. We will remove all the wood, nails, and other materials from your property, leaving you with a clean and empty space. We also offer haul-away services, so you don't have to worry about disposing of the old deck. Big Body Movers understands that not everyone has the time or resources to tackle this project independently, which is why we are happy to help. We also offer various other junk removal services, so we can help you with any other projects you may have.

Drywall Removal

You might need to remove drywall from your home or business for many reasons. Maybe you're doing a renovation and need to remove an old wall to make way for a new one. Or perhaps you've had water damage, and the drywall needs to be replaced. Trying to do the work yourself will not only be more time-consuming and challenging, but it can also cost you more money in the long run if something goes wrong. Whenever you need any drywall repair or replacement done in your home or business, it is always best to call on a professional company specializing in such services. In addition, it is best to call Big Body Movers!

Floor Removal

Removing old flooring is not only physically demanding, but it can also be expensive to hire professional contractors. Fortunately, Big Body Movers offers an affordable and convenient solution. We specialize in efficiently removing all types of flooring, from carpets and hardwoods to tile and vinyl. Our staff even haul away the debris, so you don't have to worry about disposing of it yourself. If you're looking for a company to provide Floor Removal in Martinsville, look no further than Big Body Movers.

Big Body Movers

We’ll Take Care of Items No Matter How Bulky

Our experts can effortlessly handle items of any size, from bulky appliances and furniture to small toys and paperwork. You deserve a stress-free solution, so let us haul it all away at one reliable flat rate. Enjoy a clutter-free space with our efficient junk removal services.
We’ll take care of:
  • Large and Small Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Air Conditioners
  • Scrap Metal
  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Tires
  • Sporting Goods
  • Books, Media, Paperwork
  • Toys, Clothing, & Baby Items
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Office Equipment
  • Decor & Fixtures
  • Cabinets and Shelving
  • Playset
  • Renovation / Construction Debris
  • Shed
  • Yard Debris
  • And more!
Don’t see what you need assistance with the list? No problem! Give us a call and we’ll happily chat about the item(s) you need removed.

Big Body Movers LLC

Get Peace of Mind Hauling with Big Body Movers!

Our expert movers can handle even the toughest of jobs, from navigating steep stairways to hauling heavy, bulky items. Say goodbye to the stress of junk removal and point us in the direction of your trash. Trust us to make your life easier with our full-service junk removal and hauling services.

How It Works

Schedule an Appointment

Booking an appointment is a breeze – give us a call or use our online contact form to schedule a time that works best for you.

We Arrive Ready to Work

When our team arrives, they come ready to work and won’t waste a single moment of your valuable time.

Leaving Your Home Pristine

We promise to leave your space looking neat, always taking care to leave it in even better shape than we found it.

We Call When We’re on Our Waynt

You’ll never have to second-guess if we’re on our way – our team will always give you a courtesy call before arriving.

We Take All the Junk Away

No pile of junk is too big or too small for our expert team to handle. From attics to basements, we’ve got you covered!

Easy Payment Methods

We offer a variety of easy payment methods including cash, card, or check, so you can quickly settle your bill without any stress.

Why Choose Us?

Affordable Pricing

Our rates are highly competitive, giving you the best possible value for your investment. Trust us for transparent pricing that meets your needs and budget.

Easy Online Appointments

Book in moments, pick a convenient time and we will show up on schedule, ready to give you a quote upfront. If you agree, we will tackle the job for your moving project, regardless of si

Exceptional Customer Service

We take pride in providing knowledgeable assistance and support to homeowners and businesses. Trust us to help you with all your junk removal needs.

Big Body Movers LLC

Responsible Junk Removal

Don’t just throw away your old items to pollute the world’s landfills. Our responsible junk removal services offer a better way to dispose of your belongings. We’ll recycle and donate what we can, so you can feel good about decluttering. No stress, no mess – we cater to all your needs, from furniture removal to E-waste recycling. Contact us today to experience a seamless and socially responsible way of hauling trash!

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